A Note From Me

Hello everyone!


It’s a year since we started our relationship with zoom – it’s been a bit Love – Hate at times but for the most part pretty reliable, consistent and supportive.

We’ve zoomed from kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms to gardens – in pj’s and all sorts, with pets, kids, partners reaching over for the remote, to jumping off the mat to answer a work call!

Zoom fatigue is beginning to take hold. It’s an effort to get in front of a screen for whatever reason you’re meant to be there, it’s tiring.

Movement though, without a doubt shifts energy and can brighten your mood, even if it’s just a touch – movement is better than no movement and doesn’t have to be big and explosive
However, even with the prospect of lockdown gradually lifting over the next couple of months many people are feeling low in energy or fed up.
There’s also an added concern for some (and let me just add here that there shouldn’t be) that where their yoga practise has dropped off to either occasionally or non existent they might not be “good enough”!! to attend classes even when studio doors do open.

Yoga is not competitive and everyone is welcome. I think everyone walking through studio doors once more will want to take time to reconnect with themselves, with the environment they’re in and it’ll take a while to get used to being amongst people again.

Be kind to yourself, you’re not alone. We’ve all spent twelve months plus on a rollercoaster together which leaves everyone feeling a little shaky in one way or another.
Step on your mat as you are – you are enough.

Enjoy this mini movement sequence!

Catherine x