Say Hello to Freya

I’d like to introduce you to Freya who will be joining us for the first session of my A Fresh Approach Coaching & Mentoring for teachers course beginning this September.

This first session is centred around Confidence, Communication and Voice and through her experience and expertise, Freya will share some skills and techniques with us to improve the tone and projection of our voices and bring more clarity to the way we deliver our words.

Don’t panic! We won’t have to stand up and do things alone, we will explore together and you will still sound just like you, same accent same mannerisms, same YOU!

Feedback many of us receive from most teacher trainings and workshops is to project voice more though we can be left wondering just how to do that and it’s always a continuing work in progress!

I’ve known Freya for several years. She’s really approachable, kind and caring with a really good sense of humour, here’s a little bit about her.

BA(Hons), PgDip, MRes, mRCSLT

Freya is a Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist specialising in voice and throat disorders. She has over 12 years’ experience in NHS and independent practice where she treats people with voice and airway conditions, in addition to vocal coaching.

Freya has also trained in motivational interviewing, counsellingand solution-focused approaches. She has previously undertaken yoga teacher trainings and enjoys applying elements of yoga and mindfulness within her voice therapy.

Freya is currently completing a PhD on the development of a voice therapy approach for people with cancer, which will incorporate holistic approaches such as yoga alongside conventional voice therapy techniques.

There are a few spaces left on the course if you’d like to join and closing date to apply is September 16th.
Remember you can join in person, livestream or do in your own time with the recording.

Those of you who have done coaching and teaching workshops with me before that are interested in this first session are welcome to join. Please get in touch

Sunday September 26th
10am-2pm in person/livestream
(Or recorded option)

Catherine x