Looking To Start a Home Yoga Practice?

Beginning a home yoga practise can sometimes feel daunting. Where to start, what to include, length of time, don’t have time… So confusing!

First things first, don’t try to recreate the yoga class you’ve just attended! You’d have to memorise every pose, every transition and that actually wouldn’t be doing yoga and you’d be far away from a peaceful mind!

A personal home practise doesn’t have to be lengthy, or take the shape of a studio class. As little as ten to fifteen minutes every other day to begin with will start to create a good healthy habit – think of it as yoga maintenance and once you feel ready add in a longer practise once a week for 30, 40 minutes, maybe longer to develop and grow.

Make these practises non negotiable, pop them in your diary and stick to them – think of them as a date with yourself, time for you. Be realistic with the time-slots you choose. Setting your alarm 10/15 minutes earlier every other morning to start with or perhaps in the evening after work suits you better. Just make sure the time feels comfortable and doesn’t become just another thing to worry about!

What postures should you start with, and how do they slot together – there’s so many! Remember, you’re not trying to be a choreographer (unless you are in your daily work life), and you’re not looking for the ‘perfect’ flow (it doesn’t exist).

Start with some foundational postures that feel grounding to you. What are your favourites? Start with those.

Choosing postures with similar joint positions and changing the orientation of those postures in space gives a whole handful of poses to work with – take a look at the examples below – pairs of postures with similar shapes just in different positions:

Position A:

Position B:

Position C:

Position D:

Practising in this way, with poses linking together with ease will feel good to the body, more organic, balanced and with this sense of ease the mind will have the space to become more peaceful.

Always pay attention to your breath. Don’t try to control it, be aware of its natural rhythm and try to maintain it as you move.
Those moments when the breath becomes erratic or perhaps you’re holding the breath often times is your body’s way of asking you to slow down or effort less to bring balance back.

Once you start your home practise let me know how you get on and for those of you who’d like some help with getting started, just get in touch!

Catherine x