Event : Body Wise & Wonderful

Join the conversation!

Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 –

Tickets £35
Spaces limited

Fire & Alchemy
52 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EP

(Easy transport links from Liverpool St, Old St, Shoreditch high street stations and many bus routes)


Join the conversation… Mocktails, canapés and all your questions answered in this informal yet informative gathering, chatting all things on the perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopausal journey.

Understanding hormonal changes in the body prepares and empowers you so that you can implement self care tools at the right times and manage any symptoms effectively, helping you to live life to the full. We will talk about the importance of movement, strength exercise and yoga to help maintain bone density and suppleness, including breathing techniques to ease anxiety, sleepless nights and maintaining a healthy pelvic floor.

Although there are many similarities and shared experiences amongst women through the stages of menopause, there are also many nuances with some women experiencing a high number of symptoms, whilst others experience very little or no symptoms at all. Dr Kim Ruddy, London based GP and certified menopause specialist will guide you through the choices open to all women, whatever age or medical background, enabling you to manage this powerful chapter of your life with confidence. Meanwhile, the wonderful Kat Polski will provide nutritious refreshments full of the omegas and vitamin D with some delicious mocktails!

Together, we will explore the many challenging symptoms faced by women and gain a better understanding of the coping tools available to manage individual symptoms more effectively.

(As a side note, I just wanted to add that most of what I read about hormonal changes as the years start stacking up can make a woman feel like they’re heading for a world of doom and gloom with nothing more to look forward to. Though it really doesn’t have to feel like that, yeah sure, hormonal changes are inevitable, but understanding yourself, your body, your fluctuating moods can help you take back control, stand in your own beauty and wisdom and enjoy the exciting days ahead)

– Catherine x

Dr Kim Ruddy

London based GP and
certified menopause specialist

Having studied with the specialist team at University College Hospital obtaining the advanced certificate in menopause care, Dr Kim Ruddy provides a holistic evidence based approach to menopause care.

Kim has supported a diverse demographic of women with advice and management, simplifying their menopausal journey. Her aim is to enable women to understand their choices whatever age or medical background through this empowering chapter.

Kat Polski

Chef and
plant-based food advocate

Kat Polski is a self taught chef with passion and advocacy for plant based food. She takes pride in using local and seasonal ingredients creating recipes that are healthy, nutritious, vibrant and full of flavour.

You can expect a plant based spread full of essential ingredients that help with with menopausal symptoms, which is not only sustainable for the earth but a joyous eating experience.

Catherine Weston

Yoga teacher and
breathwork specialist

Catherine has a keen interest and holistic approach to women’s health.

With a broad range of knowledge and experience she works with women individually, to support and guide them through movement, yoga and breath work sessions that help physically to maintain strong bones and suppleness, managing symptoms of anxiety and sleepless nights.

Email me directly to book @ catherine@catherinewestonyoga.co.uk