Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

One-to-one yoga sessions

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, new to yoga, looking to practise different postures with guidance safely, whatever the reason, one to one personal classes will encourage more connection to your own body physically, bring attention to your individual limitations so you’re able to make healthy choices and create a yoga practise that is sustainable long term.

All one to one classes are tailored to individual concerns and the benefits are huge. You can choose to book one or two bespoke classes or take classes more regularly dependant on your needs.

For more information and pricing please get in touch.

Read what others have to say

“I have been practicing with Catherine for about ten years now, and I still learn something new or feel I have expanded my practice with every class or workshop I go to. Catherine brings so much knowledge and experience to her teaching, which is always delivered with such kindness and warmth. She is a ray of sunshine!

Catherine holds spaces that are non-judgemental, inclusive and welcoming. My own practice has varied over the years but I have always felt supported no matter my abilities. I have really enjoyed recent retreat days where yoga and movement have been complimented by other aspects of well-being. I would encourage anyone to work with Catherine whether they are yoga-curious, yoga-nervous or super experienced… you’ll be in very safe hands”

― Freya

“My yoga journey started with Catherine on a one to one basis 9+ years ago when I was looking to improve my fitness & bring some balance into my hectic work schedule. Catherine was so patient with me – yet tough when she needed to be & always sensitive to how I was feeling/what I needed from my practise. In short, Catherine taught me to appreciate the benefits of yoga for which I will always be grateful.

Today, I live overseas & I’m an online class attendee. It’s always a delight to see Catherine on screen & be welcomed to her class knowing I can be in my PJs for the practise & move to child’s pose at any time I may feel the need! Most importantly, I love how refreshed & energised I feel after one of Catherine’s classes.”

― Tracy

“Catherine has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. With ease she is able to clearly communicate and direct my awareness, so that I can appreciate the purpose of each pose and gain a stronger connection with my core and breath.

I have been going to Catherine’s classes for a few years now and find her genuine commitment and focus both inspiring and enlightening. Her experience and positive adjustments encourages the class to explore postures, rather than adopt a one size fits all approach, making for a safer and more enjoyable practice.

I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine’s classes to anyone looking for an energising and meaningful flow.”

― Linda

“In Jan 2020, I asked Catherine for two or three 1:1 sessions to help me try and understand why I was experiencing pain (lower back and knee) after my usual studio yoga classes. Almost two years later I’m still having two sessions a week with her! I think she’s a brilliant teacher who focuses on the individual, not the pose. My yoga practice is unrecognisable from when I first started yet I still feel challenged during every session.

Catherine is extremely patient and genuinely interested in teaching; I feel that every part of my development is carefully planned and thought out. And the back/knee pain is long gone!! “

― Amanda

“I discovered the benefits of yoga in my late 40s. With a job that included lots of overseas travel and long working hours, group classes weren’t an option. I needed a solution that fitted my schedule and Catherine more than met the brief.

Always tuned in to me and how I was feeling, Catherine tailored our practises to meet my needs. She pushed me when I needed pushing and helped me realise I could achieve so much more than I thought.

I’m incredibly grateful to Catherine for the yoga grounding she provided me with in our one-on-one sessions. It continues to stand me in very good stead for my lifestyle and other exercise commitments. Thanks Catherine.”

― TJ

“As someone who has always been into fitness my expectations of coaches/ teachers/ mentors is quite high, with yoga being no exception! I had one to one s sessions with Catherine while I was pregnant as I wanted someone who would continue to develop my practise, understand my body and what it was going through all at the same time as bringing me peace and tranquility through movement.

Catherine surpassed all my expectations!

The sessions were so informative and specific to my needs my understanding of yoga really grew. My body felt stronger from her careful guidance and my mind was so at ease after each session. Such a great way to improve and focus. Forever grateful”

― Sara

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