Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

One-to-one yoga sessions can provide huge benefits for anyone and everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners – offering a powerful and valuable way to deepen your yoga practise and understanding.

Sessions can be weekly, monthly, or available to you as a short course, bespoke to your needs.

For more information and pricing please get in touch.

“Catherine has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. With ease she is able to clearly communicate and direct my awareness, so that I can appreciate the purpose of each pose and gain a stronger connection with my core and breath.

I have been going to Catherine’s classes for a few years now and find her genuine commitment and focus both inspiring and enlightening. Her experience and positive adjustments encourages the class to explore postures, rather than adopt a one size fits all approach, making for a safer and more enjoyable practice.

I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine’s classes to anyone looking for an energising and meaningful flow.”

― Linda

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