Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Day Retreat : BLISS – Soothe, Balance, Uplift

10am – 4pm

*** SOLD OUT ***

Using the five essential elements that nourish your needs and help maintain overall wellbeing.

As we move closer to the season of festivities, fill yourself up with the good stuff you need to survive late nights, early mornings, parties, presents and family gatherings.

Join us for a warm welcome and a moment to settle with a guided sensory experience, using natural aromas. An intuitive flowing yoga practise will encourage you to sink into your body and quieten down any noisy chatter in your head using the sense of touch. A hearty, healthy LA style vegan brunch will wake up your tastebuds and satisfy your appetite, before indulging in a skincare workshop full of good tips, tricks and advice on maintaining a glowing appearance to your skin through winter and the chance to learn a facial self massage that can be added to your daily skincare routine.

We will eventually ease back onto the mat for some restorative yoga with somatic inspired movement that will lead us into a wonderful sound journey of voice, gongs, singing bowls and small percussion for deep relaxation.

A warm drink will await you and a slice of cake before heading off into the evening with a little treat to take with you.

Taking time out is NOT a guilty pleasure it’s a MUST to keep us balanced and able to deal with the ups and downs of daily life Looking after ourselves and taking time to really listen to our personal needs is essential for our body, mind, heart and brain to function effectively.

Retreat : La Deveze, Southern France

( With East of Eden )


TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2022 –
TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022

We’re still off to the South of France, though just not this year!

With the uncertainty over travel we’ve postponed until next summer when I’m sure we will have put all this crazy lockdown and quarantine stuff behind us. If you booked for this year and want to carry your deposit over to next time, then you’re very welcome to do that.

There’s lots of space at this location, so hopefully you’ll feel comfortable in a group setting.

Myself and East of Eden are heading to La Deveze in the South of France, approximately 30 miles from Nimes.

The collection of ancient stone buildings have been transformed into luxurious accommodation perfectly suited for yoga, time for you and overall wellbeing. The accommodation is set within 97 acres of beautiful meadow and woodland above the market town of Quissac in the Occcitanie region. There is a heated swimming pool, an indoor yoga Shala with heated floor, an outdoor yoga deck set in the trees, numerous woodland clearings with stunning views for outdoor yoga classes and meditations. You’ll be able to explore the beautiful French countryside with long walks, cycling or by car.

This promises to be the perfect antedote to life as we currently know it.

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