Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

One to One Coaching

Guidance and support to help teachers navigate their way through the ups and downs of teaching.

One to one sessions include topics from the group coaching course combined with individual teachers needs. Coaching sessions offered in person and/or online.
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“Catherine has helped me immeasurably with my teaching. Before I came to Catherine I was stuck in a rut, my classes lacked structure and I was finding it difficult to find my voice.

Catherine helped me find a coherent class structure that took the panic out of preparing classes each week. Since I started this mentorship programme my classes make so much more sense & I have had really good feedback from students. I couldn’t recommend this mentorship programme enough for any Yoga teacher looking for that extra guidance.”

― Sophie

A Fresh Approach : Coaching and Support for teachers

A six-month course | new dates TBC

Discover who you are as a teacher, understand what you’re teaching and why. We’re all unique with our own special ingredient mix to offer, though sometimes with all the information overload, social media images and contrasting opinions it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose focus.

If you’re looking to elevate your teaching skills, explore varied techniques, move away from binary thinking and broaden your perspective, then this course could be for you – inspiring, motivating and practical. A Fresh Approach is open to newer teachers, teachers that have taken a bit of a break and those teachers looking for some inspiration.

Join the waitlist to be one of the first to receive full details of 2022 dates and read what others have to say, below. Spaces will be limited, so joining the waitlist is strongly advised, to minimise the chances of missing out.

Course details

Two hundred and three hundred hour teacher trainings equip you with a wealth of information to share with students. Coaching, support and mentoring guides you in delivering that information in a relatable way. Whether you’re newer to teaching, have had a bit of a break or just looking for some inspiration, this course sets out to elevate your teaching, broaden your outlook and enable you to become a more grounded confident teacher.

This course is very practical in that it considers every part of the day to day life of a yoga teacher and factors in all the highs and lows, successes and fallouts. I don’t have all the answers but I have definitely learnt from my mistakes and gathered some really good tools to share.

This course is broken down into six monthly group sessions. There will be homework to complete between sessions which I will review and feedback on. Prior to the course there will be some journalling and questions to answer in preparation ahead of the start date. Mid month there will be catch up calls with me for extra support and you will have a workbook to refer to. I will attend at least one of your classes, though if you live further afield I will attend a livestream class or do a recording.

This course will be held at East of Eden studio, London E17 in person or you are welcome to join livestream if you live overseas or have too long a distance to travel.

Course dates

Next course dates TBC

Self Enquiry, Confidence and Communication

We will dig deep and discover individual strengths, the stuff that makes you anxious and what we can do to turn that around. Getting to know yourself as a teacher, meeting yourself where you are and laying down foundations is the first step on the journey to growth.

Every teacher has their own style of teaching no matter the style of yoga you teach. Once you are clear on your teaching style you will be able to explore the way you communicate with your students and share your knowledge. Knowing your students and how diverse the group dynamic can be will elevate your teaching skills.

We will look at inclusive language, effective cueing, dual cueing and linked language. Tone of voice, body language, posture all affect the way you come across as a teacher. We will look at posture and how that relates to your level of confidence.

We will be joined by guest teacher Freya Sparks a voice coach and speech therapist who will take you through a series of vocal exercises that relate to yoga teaching. You’ll still sound like you!

Creating Classes

Class planning and sequencing is a big subject and one that many teachers struggle with. We will spend two full sessions covering this subject fully empowering you to create good quality content for your classes, ensuring inclusivity of all your students and to help you feel more confident in what you teach. We will look at the class framework and all the ingredients within it to create a well rounded class and nourishing experience for your students whatever style of yoga class you are teaching.

Setting out clear teaching objectives to bring clarity and focus to your teaching is key to developing as a teacher. It is important to know what you are teaching and even more importantly why you are teaching it. We will look at what these objectives could be and how to apply them.

We will discuss pre class planning and considerations, how to use props effectively without making students feel “less than” and using cues that are relevant to the subject being taught getting rid of “canned cues”.

Postures will be broken down into groups for more effective sequencing and smoother transitions and we’ll explore similar postures in various orientations.

Sequencing with Purpose and Intention

A continuation from the previous session. We will put sequences together with thought and purpose and develop class plans working towards a quarterly schedule. Creating a schedule of classes over a period of time will elevate your teaching, is an excellent time management tool and takes the stress out of weekly class planning.

Week on week planning can leave you chasing your tail. Having more time to create content places more thought into what you are teaching. You will feel more confident in what you deliver and more relaxed in your style of teaching. The effect on students is of greater benefit as they will get to learn postures more thoroughly and be able to explore their own personal limitations.

We will look at different techniques and ways of entering and exiting postures that keep sequencing fresh and learn new skills. Learn how to give students choices without losing the rhythm of the class.

Dealing with Injuries and Conditions

Students tend to turn up with all sorts of injuries and conditions which can completely throw you as a teacher. Before you know it your mind is overthinking and your teaching objectives fly out of the window. It’s common to try and diagnose a student but you are there in the capacity of a yoga teacher, not a physio, doctor, or any other healthcare professional.

With that in mind we will take a look at the common injuries conditions and concerns that often show up in the yoga room and how we can work with them whilst remaining in the role of yoga teacher. Injuries obtained whilst doing yoga I have often found are due to a lack of understanding of the posture itself and repetition of the pose done poorly.

We will look at some of the postures where people injure themselves and apply different techniques to the entry and exit of the pose, the set up and differences we can apply to individual alignment.

Workshops, Retreats and Creating a Series

All of these things add to your offering, serve your students and are a good tool in gaining student loyalty. They require a lot of work, preparation, research and advertising to name just a few.

Retreats can be a minefield from finding a location to fulfilling guest expectations. We will explore all the ways in which we can approach these subjects successfully.

Develop your Brand

You are your brand. Self promotion and expanding your presence can be difficult for many people and putting your name out there can feel vulnerable. We will look at the importance of marketing, how and if social media platforms serve us and website representation.

We will discuss the highs and lows financially of yoga teaching and how to make it a viable and sustainable career.


“I joined Catherine’s mentoring programme just before I qualified as a yoga teacher. During our six months together she gave me the courage (and a nudge) to start teaching online, and I’ve really not looked back since.

Thanks to Catherine I’ve learned how to plan, structure and theme my classes as part of an ongoing “curriculum”. It’s helped to bring more meaning to my teaching, and her tips on deconstructing postures have given me confidence to get really creative with my sequencing.

I feel so lucky to have Catherine as a teacher and a mentor. She continues to support and inspire my journey as a yoga teacher. The group mentoring was amazing and I definitely recommend to everyone!”

― Jessica

“I enrolled in Catherine’s mentoring course a couple of months after finishing my YTT, bursting with knowledge I wanted to share with students but feeling lost about how to put it all into action.

Over the 6 months working with Catherine, I developed the confidence to offer classes and workshops online, something I definitely would have put off, or maybe not even done at all, had to not been for Catherine’s support and encouragement.

I learnt invaluable skills in sequencing, class planning and alignment principles that have bought value, creativity and structure to my classes and I no longer feel like I’m chasing my tail trying to plan classes last minute. The mentoring in a group environment allowed us to share experiences with each other in a supportive and nurturing environment, with Catherine’s knowledge, passion and continual feedback at the heart of each session.

Although the course was only 6 months, Catherine continues today to encourage and support my journey as a yoga teacher, something I am truly grateful for. Whether you’re a new teacher, or wanting to take your yoga business to the next level, I cannot recommend Catherine’s mentoring enough.”

― Emily

“Joining Catherine’s mentoring group was an enriching experience that made me a better teacher. From class planning to business strategy, Catherine covered all through and through. I finished with new friends and many many new skills that elevated my teaching career and lifestyle as a freelance teacher.

Catherine is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and really cares about your growth and journey. I would retake this course 100 times!”

― Ana

“I am so grateful that I took part in Catherine’s mentoring programme. Her sound knowledge and experience of the practice and everything that surrounds being a teacher in today’s world was so unbelievably helpful and useful.

Her practical and interactive approach paired with her incredibly kind and friendly demeanour made it really lovely experience to learn in. I also met some really wonderful women on the programme too. I couldn’t recommend it more if you want to develop further as a teacher and personally as well.”

― Isabelle


• Full six month course
• Six catch up support and coaching calls
• Homework reviews, feedback and follow on objectives
• Workbook


A non refundable deposit of £50 is due at time of booking to secure your place.

2 x payments of £125
1 x payment of £120

Due dates:

July 30th
August 30th
September 16th

* In the event that you wish to cancel, you must do so no later than September 16th (ten days prior to course start date) to receive a full refund minus £50 non refundable deposit.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have relating to this course.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

With East of Eden | Created by Catherine Weston and Rebecca Root

85 hours | Yoga Alliance accredited

Course begins September 2022

Through 85 hours of study, gain a comprehensive background in prenatal yoga, learning the tools and techniques required to deliver safe and effective classes. With lots of practical teaching time, learn how to create sequences that support mothers to be throughout their prenatal journey and beyond, both physically and emotionally, with adaptations to postures that guide them through each trimester mindfully.This course will give you a good understanding of the physical and biological changes in prenatal bodies and awareness of postnatal bodies.

You will be shown how to implement best practices in prenatal yoga, provide new mums with knowledge and tools to ease fatigue and cope with the emotional highs and lows brought on by pregnancy.

Course details

85 hours study including off site class observations and assignments, accredited to Yoga Alliance.

Flexible start and finish times for minimal disruption to your daily schedule. Pre requisite 200 hours TT.

Investment : £895 with flexible payment options

Course expectations

You can expect to leave this course with…

• A comprehensive background in prenatal yoga

• A thorough understanding of trimesters one to four

• The ability to create safe, practical classes with a class structure guideline

• Lots of practical teaching time

• An understanding of physical and biological changes through pregnancy, labour and birth

• An understanding of pelvic floor maintenance

• An understanding of effective breathing techniques through pregnancy, labour and birth

• An understanding of how yoga philosophy relates to pregnancy

• The knowledge of how to integrate prenatal and postnatal students into open level classes

• How to craft a prenatal yoga business

Post-course, all students will be invited to teach a prenatal donation-based class at East of Eden studio if they wish to, to build confidence.

(Limited to just 10 student spaces to ensure an intimate learning environment)

Course dates

Sat 10th,12-6pm
Sun 11th, 10am-5pm
Mon 12th, 9am-4.30pm
Tues 13th, 12-5.30pm
Weds 14th, 9am-4.30pm

Sunday 18th, 9am -5pm
Mon 19th, 9am-4.30pm
Tues 20th, 12-5.30pm
Weds 21st, 9am-4.30pm
Thurs 22nd, 9am-4.30pm

Sun 25th, 10am-5pm


“I highly recommend Catherine’s Prenatal TT to anyone considering the course. Being pregnant at the time myself, I learned so much about the changes happening to my body and appropriate modifications to make. The training was very holistic, and went beyond just the physical poses and adjustments. I found the pranayama particularly interesting and very helpful.

Prenatal training is quite technical regarding the anatomy and physiology, however, it was never overwhelming as it was delivered in manageable chunks and we immediately put into practice what we had learnt. Catherine is very authentic in her approach to teaching and she is clearly passionate about the course content.”

― Carol Ann

“I attended a prenatal YTT with Catherine a year ago. I found the course to be incredibly insightful and informative, and her teaching presence very nurturing and encouraging. You can tell that a lot of thought and care has gone into the structure, planning and preparation of the programme, whilst also leaving time for our complicated and sometimes simple questions, that were always answered fully with patience and understanding.

As someone who struggled with the more academic side of things, I felt confidently held by Catherine, who ensured that everyone’s different ability levels and learning styles were supported, which to me, is one of the most important attributes to look for in an educator. There was A LOT of fascinating information packed into the prenatal course, and it’s a credit to Catherine’s supportive nature and unmatched experience that I feel confident in the knowledge and skills gained to deliver my own top quality pregnancy classes to students.

This is my 3rd YTT to date (and my first course with Catherine) and I can honestly say that the knowledge learned in those 9 days has had a far more profound impact on my teaching style than the previous two- all of my classes have benefitted from the course not just when teaching, but also in improved planning techniques, and crucially how I viewed myself as a teacher.”

― Sian

“Catherine’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a yoga teacher and as a woman! I learnt so much about the incredible journey women go on during pregnancy and left feeling inspired and amazed by women, as well as super confident in teaching and guiding women through this journey.

We started teaching from day one and had constant contact with pregnant women too so we could learn first hand all about the realities of pregnancy. I was actually pregnant myself during the training but felt so supported the entire time and the pace was set so that we learnt an incredible amount but at a speed we could all work with.

Thank you Catherine for such a brilliant experience I will always remember!”

― Frances

Please get in touch with any questions you may have relating to this course.

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