Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

One to One Mentoring

Guidance and support to help teachers navigate their way through the ups and downs of teaching.

One to one sessions include topics from the group mentoring course combined with individual teachers needs. Mentoring sessions offered in person and/or online.
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“Catherine has helped me immeasurably with my teaching. Before I came to Catherine I was stuck in a rut, my classes lacked structure and I was finding it difficult to find my voice.

Catherine helped me find a coherent class structure that took the panic out of preparing classes each week. Since I started this mentorship programme my classes make so much more sense & I have had really good feedback from students. I couldn’t recommend this mentorship programme enough for any Yoga teacher looking for that extra guidance.”

― Sophie

Elevate Your Sequencing Skills : A two-day training course (October 2024)

Saturday + Sunday, 12th-13th October 2024
9.30am – 5pm


Hotpod Yoga Training Academy
Arch 405,
Mentmore Terrace,
London E8 3PH

This training is accredited to yoga alliance with 20 CPD hours to register

A sequencing and structuring yoga training course designed to confidently improve your sequencing skills and build a reusable framework, creating adaptable and inclusive classes.

Course Description

Elevate your teaching, learn how to create good quality classes with inclusive and adaptable sequences. Invite more consistency into your teaching with updated methods and techniques to refine teaching skills. Learn how to group postures together that create fluid, organic and purposeful movement within your sequences and class structures. Take your class planning and delivery to the next level.

Whether you’re an experienced teacher that’s reached a plateau or newer to teaching and looking for the next steps, this two day course will inspire and motivate you, impacting the quality of your classes and delivery. There is great skill in sequencing yet there is very little education around it. This course will provide you with tools to fill up your teaching ‘tool kit’, encourage a broader mindset and draw on your creativity and imagination.

What You'll Learn

• Improve the quality, content and delivery of your classes.

• Understand class structures, revised teaching methods and up to date concepts that provide the tools to be creative and purposeful in your class planning

• Learn how to create classes that can be adapted to meet a broad range of student needs

• Divide postures into groups depending on their joint positioning and similarities

• Understand the impact of hypermobile ranges for some students within your sequences

• Learn how to offer students a choice working with individual skeletal structures and proportions

• Find solutions to problems when planning group classes

• Improve your sequencing education

• Expect lots of practical and group work

• Learn the ‘why’s’ behind the sequences

• Create templates for vinyasa and restorative classes

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