Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training : 85hr Prenatal Yoga

(Created, written, and taught by Catherine Weston for HotPodYoga)

Course 1 : 16th – 20th March 2020 | 23th – 26th March 2020
Course 2 : 7th – 11th September | 14th – 17th September 2020

Set over 85 hours across 9 days, this Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive background on the subject, as well as the tools required to teach safe, practical and effective classes.

Participants will learn how to use intelligent sequencing to confidently guide pregnant women through their prenatal journey and beyond, on both a physical and emotional level. The course helps develop a thorough understanding of the physical and biological changes in prenatal bodies, and awareness in postnatal bodies. Participants will be shown how to implement best practices in prenatal yoga, and will learn techniques for supporting and empowering both mums-to-be and new mums, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to ease fatigue and build on their awareness of the emotional highs and lows bought on by pregnancy, and later in caring for an infant.


85 hours (Yoga Alliance Accredited)


9 days onsite

Hours Outside

7 hours (class observation and planning)


200 hour Teacher Training

Participants will learn how to…

• Deliver safe and effective prenatal classes

• Adapt an open yoga class to support prenatal needs

• Integrate tools for postnatal mums into open classes

• Teach one-to-one prenatal lessons

• Confidently offer adaptations to yoga postures to keep classes inclusive

The course content includes…

• Practical teaching time

• Prenatal class planning

• Safe and effective prenatal sequences that are fully inclusive to all prenatal bodies

• Prenatal anatomy and physiology

• Effective breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and postpartum deep relaxation

• Establishing, advertising and delivering prenatal classes Common ailments during pregnancy and post-birth

• Postnatal yoga- and Pilates-inspired movements focused on re-establishing core strength, toning the pelvic floor, whole body realignment and joint stability

• Technical understanding of the pelvic anatomy and diastasic rectus

• Postnatal recovery adaptations for caesarean births

• Exam covering course content

• Two class observations and write-ups to be completed within 2 weeks of attending the course

• Three class plans to be completed within 2 weeks of attending the course

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