Yoga Workshops and Courses

Yoga Workshops and Courses

Yoga Workshops and Courses

In-Studio : In Focus – A Yoga Series

A series of focussed classes, running every Tuesday and Thursday for eight consecutive weeks, beginning at the April 12th, 2022

London Dance Academy
49-51 Central Street
London, EC1V 8AB

Divided into two four-week series’ of classes, with the focus and aim to develop understanding, technique, concepts and skill in yoga asana – focusing on a specific movement subject for each of the four-week blocks.

All classes will be delivered through a contemporary vinyasa flow style of yoga with the view that no one size fits all. You’ll be given the chance to try out foundations that really work with individual skeletal structure, range of motion, gaining a better understanding of personal limitations.

Choose to attend individual classes or all four classes in each series. Everyone is welcome, including those new to yoga.

Class Details : Create Balance in Backbends

Maintaining a healthy spine is beneficial to posture and spinal extension assists in optimising spine health.

Through this four week series of vinyasa flow classes we will explore how the spine moves and connects, moving through prone, supine, kneeling and asymmetric backbends. Learn how different body types benefit from varied posture foundations and the role hips, glute muscles and hamstrings play to create stability, space and comfort.

Distributing attention, effort and sensation evenly we will approach these postures with an open mind and creativity, learning techniques and concepts that bring quality to movement, building strength, balance and precision in the way we rhythmically move.

Open to everyone including beginners.

Tuesdays 7.15pm-8.30pm
April 12th 19th 26th & May 3rd

Thursdays 9.30am-11am
April 28th & May 5th 12th 19th

Class Details : Posture, the Core Essentials

Healthy posture relies on a strong core centre and in turn if we improve posture we are less likely to put unnecessary stress on joints and ligaments, optimising overall health, strength and resilience. When we visualise the core we often imagine six packs, sit ups and crunches in the gym! But the core is so much more than the physical, its our essence, where our confidence grows from and anxieties sit.

In this four week series of vinyasa flow classes we will focus on the physical elements of the core – front, sides, back and core rotation increasing strength. This internal connection will help bring a feeling of grounding and peace of mind.

Open to everyone including beginners.

Tuesdays 7.15pm-8.30pm
May 10th 17th 24th & 31st

Thursdays 9.30am-11am
May 26th & June 2nd 9th 16th

Please get in touch with any questions you may have relating to this course.

IN-STUDIO : Arm Balancing From Scratch

Saturday, 7th May 2022
2pm – 4pm
Triyoga Chelsea, London SW3


Arm balances are sprinkled throughout many classes – but do these poses make you feel you’re waiting in the wings, just watching others?

You’re not alone! This workshop is a complete guide to arm balances for beginners or anyone who’d like to learn the groundwork before they try to fly. You’ll have a chance to really explore these poses, playing around with the shapes before placing weight on your hands, and using drills and props to apply a range of different techniques and concepts that will allow you to understand the body mechanics involved in arm balancing.

We’ll break the arm balance shapes down into their simplest form, changing their orientation in space to really get a feel for them and gain understanding. The drills shared will be explored in ways that suit your individual skeletal structure, flexibility and range of motion, teaching you the most suitable foundations for your own body. Solution- and progress-based, the workshop will show you how to use props to provide space and steadiness, and you’ll come away with personalised options to carry into your own practice and use in any class featuring arm balances.

Including a q+a with Catherine, this workshop aims to make arm balances accessible to everyone!

IN-STUDIO : Ease the ACHE in BackACHE

For everyone (including those managing injuries)

Sunday, 8th May 2022
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Animo Yoga, London E3

Do you wake up with a heavy sigh and a few aches and pains? If so this workshop may help you take a sigh of relief instead as it encourages more space and comfort in your lower back.

There are many contributing factors to back pain. Sometimes it can be from a past injury or a condition that you have lived with and managed through life. Though often times it can be from repetitive daily patterns that have caused a negative impact on the body – carrying children, heavy shopping, nursing babies, weights at the gym, prolonged hunching over desks, laptops and phones….the list is endless and can all lead to physical discomfort.

In this workshop we will look to create ease, space and comfort in all the areas of the body that affect the lower back and accelerate aches and pains.

What to expect in this workshop

• Move through a series of accessible postures that help to ease pain and discomfort

• Release tightness and tension in the neck and upper back

• Relax the shoulders

• Create space, stability and suppleness in the hips

• Explore simple everyday backbends that maintain a healthy spine

• Understand the meaning, feeling and sensation of a neutral spine and what can impact that

• Learn how to use the breath effectively in relation to the pelvis

• Take the spine through all its natural range of movement for optimum benefit

• Improve posture

IN-STUDIO : A Space To Breathe

With Catherine Weston, Isabelle Josephs, and Sami Fitz

Wednesday, 11th May 2022
6:30pm – 10pm
OmNom Restaurant, London N1

Do you need some time for yourself? A few hours to relax after work?

We have you covered.

Isabelle Josephs, Sami Fitz & Catherine Weston are delighted to be able to offer you an exclusive and intimate evening of Ultimate Self Care or just A SPACE TO BREATHE.

Join us on the 11th May from 6.30-10pm for a Yoga flow, sound journey & gong bath and delicious food.

We will welcome you into the space before Catherine begins with a beautiful flow to restore your body. Isabelle and Sami will then guide you through a vibrational journey of sound, using gongs and other instruments to help you create the calmest states of mind. We will then feast on delectable dishes provided by our wonderful hosts OMNOM. All of the food is inspired by Ayurveda, and for every meal purchased, they donate a meal to a child in need, the cycle of good karma.

It’s the perfect post-work unwind or a chance for a healthy night out with friends


Renowned London based Yoga Teacher Catherine, will lead us through a glorious flow focusing on restoring the body and mind connection. Catherine has a deep love of body movement and a creative approach to yoga, with strong graceful sequencing encouraging body and mind to flow and connect.


Sami & Isabelle will lead you on a journey of breath, meditation and sound to allow you to completely release and rest leaving you replenished and revitalised for the week ahead. For centuries, various cultures have used sound as a part of religious ceremonies and prayer. One goal being to promote and facilitate a meditative and/or trance-like state.

Sound baths have become more popular these days as an antidote for modern day stress. The gong as well as other healing instruments are truly fascinating. The gong covers all spectrum of sound and vibrates all the cells, bones and organs of the body. The sounds generated by the gong stimulate the Theta brain frequencies which are commonly associated with deep states of meditation. Everything therefore slows down and this is where we may enter brain entrainment.

Food + Venue

An Ayruvedic inspired feast

Everything is plant based.

You will have a choice of the below delicious mains + desserts from the OmNom restaurant.

A little bit about OmNom:

WE’RE A CHARITY. Compassion and kindness are the key values that drive our project. The gesture is simple yet powerful – when you eat at OmNom, someone else eats too. For every meal we serve or for every yoga class you attend, we will feed a child a hot, healthy, nutritionally balanced meal in the developing world providing relief from poverty.



Om Cheeseburger with Fries and Slaw – Grilled housemate patty | rosemary & chilli mayo | rocket | pickes | caramelised cabbage | smoked applewood cheese | tomato, red pepper & mint compote | brioche bun (gfo, c, m)

Buffalo Kick’n burger with Fries and Slaw – Buffalo sauce coated soy patty | rosemary and chilli mayo | baby gem | pickles | crispy cabbage | brioche bun (gfo,s, m)

Om Thali – Coconut masala sauce | seasonal vegetables | green chilli | coconut almond granola | turmeric rice | raita | poppadoms (n,c,m)

Spicy Peanut Laksa – Spicy laksa broth | rice noodles | wok choi | edamame beans | broccoli | radish | peanut sesame masala | tofu (n, s, ss)

Spring Soul Bowl – quinoa | pomegranate | mixed spring lead salad | basil & mint coconut dressing (gf)


Chocolate Brownie – chocolate brownie | passion fruit gel | toasted coconut and vanilla ice cream (c, s)

Eton Mess – Lemongrass panna cotta | poached pears | cardamon shortbread | blackberry compote | meringues | fresh blackberries (s)

Sticky Toffee Pudding – sticky toffee pudding | toffee popcorn | grilled pineapple | toffee sauce (gf, c, s)

IN-STUDIO : Headstand Foundations

Sunday, 15th May 2022
9:30am – 11:30am
East of Eden, London E17
(Very limited spaces)

A step by step approach to creating a good stable foundation for your forearm headstand.

Headstand is a fairly quiet pose in comparison to its playful counterpart, handstand, and is traditionally placed towards the end of a yoga class or practice.

However over time, headstand has been looped into the ‘inversion’ arena even though its benefits and introspective felt experience is quite different.

Thought of by some as a less bodily mechanical inversion than many others, there are actually more considerations to take into account when attempting to do headstand.

What to expect in this workshop

• Understand the physical mechanics of headstand

• Learn the nuances to consider beforehand

• Explore how the length of your limbs affects hand placement and arm positioning in forearm headstand

• Approach this inversion with focus and a quiet mind

• Feel comfortable taking this inversion step by step with the choice to pause when it feels right for you to do so

• This workshop is open to everyone who would like to learn more about headstands and you don’t need any prior experience

IN-STUDIO : Create Balance in Backbends

Sunday, 15th May 2022
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Animo Yoga, London E3

Create more space, comfort and balance in backbend postures. Grow in confidence and build strength.

Explore Urdhva Danurasana – Wheel pose and Ustrasana – Camel pose, two challenging postures that can be made more accessible by taking into account individual body types, skeletal structure and body proportions as we create strong foundations for these poses.

There are many reasons we struggle in backbends and this workshop will help identify how to change the foundation structure to suit individual limitations and maintain integrity in the shape.

Maintaining a healthy spine is beneficial to posture and spinal extension assists in optimising spine health.

What to expect in this workshop

• Journey towards Wheel pose and Camel pose

• Learn how the spine moves and connects with anatomy explained simply

• Move through prone, supine and kneeling backbends safely

• Understand how various body types benefit from different foundations

• Explore the role of hips in backbend postures and how the pelvis rotates to suit individuals

• Learn how the glute muscles, hamstrings and other body parts support the spine in these postures

• Experiment with props and learn how they can be used to support and create space

The Deep Steep : A Course

Created by Catherine Weston and Zoe Sharp

A course for yoga students who want to dive further into their practice.

In six sessions over three months, you’ll explore the roots, history and theory behind the movement practice we call ‘yoga’ today. Deepen your practice on every level, incorporating philosophy, history and biomechanics into the way that you move.

Course is in person only with limited spaces.

Course details

For keen students who want a well rounded experience on their yoga mats but aren’t interested in teaching, The Deep Steep will introduce you to all of the eight limbs of yoga (asana is just one of them!). We’ll also explore yoga’s history, some philosophy, and simple anatomy – helping you understand how to approach more advanced asana with confidence, and how to build a self-led personal practice that works for you as an individual.

Course expectations

• Learn more about yoga without the commitment of a teacher training

• Deepen your asana practice with extended classes including breath work and meditation

• Familiarise yourself with yoga philosophy, theory, and history to provide context to your experience on the mat

• Understand basic anatomy and biomechanics to move safely and with confidence

• Develop a self-led personal practice that flexes to fit your life

• Through a series of posture labs, seminars, external reading, group discussion, and guided practices and and meditations, you’ll finish the course with an enhanced understanding of and appreciation for all that yoga has to offer.

Course dates

Saturday 17th September, 1pm-5pm
Saturday 1st October, 1pm-5pm
Saturday 15th October, 1pm-5pm
Saturday 29th October, 1pm-5pm
Saturday 12th November, 1pm-5pm
Saturday 26th November, 1pm-5pm


Early Bird Option £495 – until 31st May 2022

Full investment £595

Friendly payment options available

Please get in touch with any questions you may have relating to this course.

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