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Yoga Workshops, Courses and Events

Yoga Workshops, Courses and Events

Verbal & Manual Yoga Assists & Adjusts : A Two-Day Workshop in London (May 2024)

Saturday, 18th May 2024
& Sunday, 19th May 2024
9.30am – 5pm
(Payment plans available)


Hotpod Yoga Teacher Training Academy
London E8 3PH

For Yoga and movement teachers, Yoga teachers in training, and Yoga students that have 12 months+ experience practicing regularly

There is an art to skilfully assisting and adjusting students in yoga postures.

This workshop covers a holistic approach to both verbal and manual cues, assists and adjustments. Using contemporary updated concepts, you will learn how to apply techniques to support and stabilise students safely in their physical postures giving them space to embody the benefits those postures bring.

We will move away from generic outdated physical adjustments, the one size fits all approach and learn how to work more intuitively with the individual, both verbally and manually and for the student autonomously.

Assisting students isn’t just about taking them deeper into a pose physically. We will cover giving assists that are breath led, applied with sensitivity and an understanding of both the student and the pose. Giving students space to back out of a pose will take them deeper into the philosophical meaning of the pose itself which offers a greater depth and knowledge of yoga as a whole and will positively inform student choice.

You will be taught how to teach self adjustments to students, as using their own two hands is hugely beneficial for students to gain a better understanding of their own bodies and a much heightened sensory experience. This is often a hugely overlooked area of teaching, yet so empowering for both teacher and student.

This two day course is accredited to Yoga Alliance.
Teachers will be able to register 20 CPD hours.

What You’ll Learn

• How to confidently and intuitively give both verbal and physical cues and assists

• How to teach students self adjustment, the positive benefits and embodied experience

• The importance of breath during an assist for both teacher and student

• How to recognise which type of assist will be more beneficial to a student

• The mechanics of yoga postures with anatomy explained simply, with postures broken down into groups with similar joint positioning

• The deeper meaning of yoga postures in line with yoga philosophy

• Discussion around the topic of student consent and safety

• How to put into practice by working with a partner

• When NOT to assist

Posture Groups Included

• Standing poses

• Standing and seated forward bends

• Prone, kneeling, supine and asymmetric backbends

• Standing and seated twists

• Balance postures

• Inversions

Visit to book your space.

Inversion Foundations : The Beginners Edit (September 2024)

Saturday, 21st September 2024
4pm – 6pm


Triyoga Shoreditch
Unit 2,
10 Cygnet Street,
London E1 6GW

Inversions are included in many yoga classes. For a lot of people they can feel intimidating, and exclusive. There’s the emotional feeling of perhaps not being good enough, fear of being upside down and physically feeling not strong enough.

In this workshop, we will break inversion postures into smaller pieces with less intensity, learn what body parts are involved and how they connect together to create the upside down shapes. We will work through drills and apply techniques that help build strength in the foundations of the postures, acknowledging reasonable fears and insecurities of going upside down that most of us encounter.

We will use props, the wall and learn how to support each other safely.

A safe, inclusive workshop, a friendly environment, physical drills, use of props, the wall and plenty of time to ask questions. Learn a deeper understanding of these postures is what helps deepen a yoga practise, not necessarily the physical form.

Open to everyone that fears the thought of being upside down – I hear you!! and anyone that wants to learn the mechanics of the shapes without the pressure!

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