Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops


Saturday February 13th | 20th, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Includes 7 day access to online recording


£12 online (for each workshop)

My In the Spotlight series offers a fluid, workshop-style class. A mix of flowing yoga, small repetitive movements, mobility skills, drills and techniques that lead towards a specific posture(s).

Using the rhythm of the breath to move the body, experience peak postures through different transitions and variations without overthinking it.

Forearm Stand : Saturday, February 13th, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Everyone loves the idea of kicking up into this arm balance, but it’s a tough one. Shoulders have to be nice and open to gain a good range of motion and a strong centre to keep everything contained.

In this class we’ll warm up through a shoulder opening flow before looking at positioning of shoulders and the different options for hand/arm placement

Spaces for this class are limited. You’ll receive the recording to practise afterwards.

( Book Forearm Stand )

Handstands : Saturday, February 20th, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Handstands for many can be fun, playful and bring out childhood memories, for others they can feel Super Scary! but we all want to do them.

In this class we’ll break it down, build a connection to our hands and core, learn how to create a safe and solid base to lift from. We’ll warm up through essential postures in a flow adding in drills and techniques to build strength.

Limited spaces and you’ll receive the recording to practise again afterwards.

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Sunday February 28th, 2021
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
A Fine Balance Yoga Studio, Upminster, Essex
Includes 7 day access to online recording


£20 online (£15 if online member)
£30 in-studio (£25 studio member)

You & Yoga is a workshop of self inquiry: understand your relationship with yoga postures, reduce repetitive stress, and avoid unnecessary discomfort and injury.

Does your knee hurt in pigeon pose? Does your lower back become compressed in bridge? Do you get a pinch or a pull in your hamstrings in triangle pose? Does camel pose make you want to run for the hills?
There are many ways to do yoga postures that address everyones’ uniqueness, though in a sixty minute yoga class instruction defaults to general cues with just a couple of modifications. There just isn’t time to explore more.

We tend to get a fixed idea of what a particular pose should look like without really knowing what it does or what benefits it has.

In this workshop, we will break down a selection of postures step by step that feature regularly in many yoga classes and in most styles of yoga.

Postures that can be taken a little too much for granted where unnecessary injuries or discomfort tends to show up. There is more than just one “right” way of doing yoga postures and correct alignment is what aligns with you as an individual.

More Details

Throughout the workshop you will be encouraged to:

• Take a fresh approach to some postures and view them through a different lens.

• Explore different variations of postures that align specifically to your body framework and range of motion.

• Bring more awareness to movement when entering and exiting poses and see how that can impact the entire experience.

• Tune in to some of the more subtle sensations within postures.

• Reduce the risk of repetitive stress on the body avoiding unnecessary injuries and discomfort.

• Learn skills and techniques that will transform your yoga practise.

• Feel more informed to make choices in classes that are viable options that work for you.

Postures include:

Bridge, Wheel, Crescent Lunge, Pigeon, Camel, Triangle and Warrior One, which many see as basic postures, yet can be contributors to hamstring pulls and pinches and lower back issues.

This workshop will be interactive, whether you attend live in the studio or take part on live stream. Participants on Zoom will have the opportunity to unmute themselves, ask questions and everyone will be able to make some notes and receive the recording afterwards to continue practising at home.

This is a workshop of self inquiry. Understanding yoga postures will elevate your awareness and personal yoga experience.

Suitable for everyone including beginners as well as those with more experience.

Please have props (or improvised props) ready:

• 2 bricks

• 1/2 rectangle yoga blocks

• Strap

• Small hand towel


Friday April 2nd, 2021
9:30 PM – 11:30 AM
Yogaloft, London
Includes 7 day access to online recording


£18 (until Sat 20th March)
£20 (after Sat 20th March)

As we step into the early days of Spring, let’s take some time out to refresh and shift our energy up a gear, lifting our spirits.

Everything needs a bit of a refresh, right? At home we paint the walls to brighten our living space. We lift the blinds to let in the light, and throw open the windows to let the fresh air sweep through! Decorative objects help us relax, and the hub of our homes is where we gather with friends and family – where vibrant energy flows!

How can we translate this to the body, uplift our mood, put a spring in our step, feel more content and happy in our own skin?

Simple – treat our body just the same, with the loving care and attention it deserves. After all, it’s with us a lifetime!

Through a combination of functional movement, fluid yoga, floor based barre and pilates inspired movement, we will revitalise the body from inside out.

What to expect in this workshop

-Move through a sequence of postures including twists, balances and backbends

– Improve posture – your body’s core foundation

– Take a fresh approach to movement, stepping away from habitual daily patterns and open your mind’s eye to varied techniques

– Build core strength using each of its elements evenly

– Soften tense, tight muscles and give a wake up call to the lazy ones

– Accept a challenge, maybe get a little sweaty

– Become more attuned to the rhythm of your breath and allow it to move you

– Feel more in balance, revitalised and relaxed

Looking after the body promotes a more peaceful mind, increases confidence, improves focus and encourages a more trusted connection to your ‘self’.

Step off your mat feeling content and like an uplifted version of YOU!

Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t need any experience.

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