Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops


A five-class series over five consecutive weeks
Begins Sunday May 23rd, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
In-studio + online

£15 studio / £11 online
(for an individual class)

£50 studio / £65 online
(for all five classes)

Refine your movement and develop your physical practice by deepening your understanding of how the body works.

The purpose of the series is to help you grow your yoga flow practice, understand the purpose of postures, the priorities and similarities they share, plus how to transition between them seamlessly. Learn how to take your physical practice further in a considered way incorporating personal choices that feel good for you individually.

Classes will build like a ladder flow: you’ll learn the concepts from the beginning and build on them as the sequence develops through the class with new postures added, repetition and lots of creativity. These classes will be informative, engaging, encouraging and fun. You’ll experiment with options and techniques that bring your yoga practice alive. You’ll play with props and learn the wall isn’t just for inversions!

Class #1 – Vinyasa Makeover : Sunday, May 23rd, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

We start the series by asking: what is vinyasa? Does every vinyasa mean chaturanga? What’s all the jumping back about?

I will help refresh your vinyasa practice. You will get to question some of the things you do automatically as part of your vinyasa practice. You will invite positive change into the way you move and what you move towards. You will feel inspired to view yoga from a new purposeful perspective.

Expect to be creative, challenged and learn new skills that brighten up the yoga tools you have already.

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Class #2 – Love Your Hips & Hamstrings : Sunday May 30th, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Let’s create some balance around the hips. We tend to label our hips with words such as tight and make it a goal to “open” them up and stretch them along with the hamstrings until there’s nothing left to stretch.
Comfortable hips are stable hips.

In this class we will use the network of muscles that cross the hip joint, exploring internal and external rotation, implementing active stretching, give the glutes a wake up call to encourage happier, healthier hips and hamstrings.

There are lots of really nourishing hip postures to get into, so expect to wriggle yourself through a warm juicy warm flow sequence.

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Class #3 – Spacious Spine : Sunday June 6th, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Create better backbends with more space and equanimity. Backbends can be vibrant and uplifting for some, for others they can be one big backache literally!

From beginning to end we will find our own happy place – a place where we can free up the spine, breathe fluidly, move with effort and ease in equal measures, expanding our comfort zone without removing ourselves from it. Whether you strive for bigger backbends or just finding your way, we will look for the subtle sensations and evenness that are similar in all the shapes we make.

Expect to feel energised and uplifted without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed

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Class #4 – Connect to Centre : Sunday June 13th, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

When we refer to core, our minds tend to think – six packs, sit ups and stomach crunches at the gym! The core is so much more than the physical. It’s our centre, our essence where our confidence grows as well as where butterflies and anxieties sit. Our posture relies on a strong core centre and in turn if we improve our posture we are less likely to put unnecessary stress on joints and ligaments, improving overall health, strength and resilience.

I always think of our core centre like an apple core, upright, strong and holding the outer layers together. We will invite all core elements to join the flow – side, front, back and rotation of core. You’ll step off your mat walking tall, connected and feeling great!

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Class #5 – Create Balance : Sunday June 20th, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Whether you’re standing on your feet, hands or head, balance is something that’s created, rather than found and our internal balance impacts that. What do I mean? Think of crow pose, if we don’t lengthen forward enough we’re trying to jump into it, or if we bring the weight too far forward we nose dive the floor.

To me, it’s all about finding the sweet spot (we all have one) that little moment between slowing down and rushing in, or the half way point between push and pull.

In this class we will explore balance in different orientations. Its a great follow up class to “Connect to Centre” as we will already have found our inner axis. Balance requires a lot of mental focus, better awareness of the breath and a chance to really listen to your own body. You’ll meet any challenge that arises with an air of calm.

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